Catherine - Wow, this state is larger than I thought. We drove through a terrible wind storm and since I have a bad cold, Kathryn has to do all the driving. I am now driving an hour or so at a time when I feel I won’t have a coughing fit.

Our quest for the hot sun is still a quest. Nights have been colder than a well-digger’s behind. We are thankful we are not in a tent.

Our first night was on a beautiful river in northern Montana. The second night was a private site in Philipsburg, with water, sewer and power; the third night was in the woods in a Forestry Reserve campsite. All were self-serve honour system to pay. It is hunting season here so walking in the woods is not recommended.

Awesome Moments

  • Philipsburg Brewery
  • Being a passenger with Narnia sleeping on my lap
  • Getting up for the sunrises
  • Cooking in the Moho – Yum!
  • Challenging Moments
  • Driving in the Wind
  • I am super sick
  • Learning my new camera as every photo is over-exposed
  • The noisy, noisy windows

Lessons Learned

  • Do not empty the poo in open toed shoes
  • Relaxation is sometimes forced upon us and we must accept the challenge


Narnia - I wish we wouldn’t drive so long and that there was more time to explore. My mom’s promise me that we will slow down when the weather is warmer. I am looking forward to that!

I almost caught a bird but my 5 meter leash prevented my success. Must figure this out!


Kathryn - I am losing my minds.  Must have been driving the bus in the wind (never the beer, never the beer).