Why we sold our swanky lifestyle for a year of freedom.

Vancouver, Canada is a beautiful city and one can do very well financially there.  For a few years we lived a dream life in Vancouver, each of us with great jobs. We bought a beautiful condo and lived right downtown on the water. Fancy restaurants, concerts, sporting events, parks, everything was right at our fingertips. As far as I could tell we had it all, except for two things - time and sunshine.

Earlier this year Catherine's much loved cousin Kay passed away, she was in her early fifties. That event made us both realize that there was more to life than what we had built in Vancouver. There was a whole world to explore and our gypsy souls were calling.

The plan is to take a year from our lives and live for each moment. If we need to work until we are 66 instead of 65 because we took this year off, so be it.  For now we will hike, bike, eat, drink, golf and snorkel our way around North America learning about ourselves and others along the way.

who are we?

We are still trying to figure this one out, but here is a bit about each of us.


Catherine Halkyard

Bleach blond capitalist or Hippy gypsy.  Only time will tell. As a wound-up, stressed-out, go for it lady, I am ready to pack up, roll out and explore.

Leaving my job, home, 24 year old daughter and 70 year old mother may seem like a lot, but when I recently turned 50 I could not fathom another 15 years living the same life I have always lived.  Some people think I am crazy. People say you are "at the top of your game", "have a great reputation," "are doing really well," but am I?

It is time to live life to the fullest, with Kathryn and Narnia at my side


Narnia (catboss)

#Catboss.  I'm a 14 1/2ish grey point Siamese that is VERY loud.  My favourite spot is a sunny lap, but really, any lap will do.  

For an elderly cat I am in pretty good shape, although I did have to add fiber food to my diet to keep me regular.  I believe that is equivalent to human bran buds.

I sleep on a heating pad so am not 100% certain how this is going to pan out while boon-docking but will give it a go as I have a lot of faith in my moms.


Kathryn Miller

Never sure if I'm coming or going, a road trip is the perfect way for me to spend a year off work. If you're wondering where I'm at, look up.  You'll probably find me with my head in the clouds.

My goal for this trip is to spend every day laughing my head off with my best friend.  I am excited about what lies ahead on this great adventure and can't wait to share it all with you!