Craters of the Moon

Kathryn - Craters of the Moon National Monument was a visually stimulating stop in southern Idaho.  The area consists of three different major lava flows and geological related geological formations.  The earth is made of black chunky rocks with the odd spatter cone where lava bubbled from beneath the crust.  About 25 miles away is EBR-1, an experimental breeder reactor which produced nuclear energy during the 50s and 60s.  "Why would anyone build a nuclear facility so close to a know volcanic area?"  Good question Catherine, good question.

My favourite formation was this black black sand dune.

black hill.JPG

Catherine - We drove through a small part of Idaho where we stayed at Craters of the Moon National Park. Kathryn and I rode our electric bicycles. They are heavy and hard to get out from under the bed so we may have to get a better system.

I read on a RV forum that if you want to own an RV you need to be a “tinkerer”. This is very true. There are lots of little bits that get lose, squeak, rattle and shake. Luckily we are both Miss Fixits so that works well.

Our quest for the hot sun is getting closer. There is still some snow on the road sides which makes sense due to the elevation.

Awesome Moments

  • Craters of the Moon Park
  • Seeing potato piles so high that I thought we were at a gravel pit

Challenging Moments

  • Getting Better

Lessons Learned

  • Life is about the journey and it is fun to have no particular destination


Narnia - We were only in Idaho for one night, at Craters of the Moon. The stones tickled my feet when I walked. It was like walking on the moon. I have never felt such a strange sensation on my paws.

I saw a little chipmunk that was pretty cute, and I almost caught a grasshopper, but once again my leash is too short!