Moho hunting

Kathryn (K) - In my head the type of rv we were looking for was something like a large camper van.  Something that we could easily drive and park, something basic.  Once we started climbing into a few camper vans we soon realized that the three of us were not going to survive the year living together in such a tight space.  What if catboss farted?  Little by little the length of the motor homes we were looking at crept upwards.  Eventually, we found ourselves looking at the very type of motor home that we thought we'd never want, Class A - the bus.

Walking into our first Class A was liberating.  It felt open and spacious, with a huge panoramic windshield that provided a window to the world.  So the three of us scoured the province and the internet looking for the perfect bus.  Finally we decided on this little beauty, which happened to be the first one we had walked into.  We needed it and it needed us.

Feast your eyes on our new home on wheels, henceforth referred to as "the MoHo".

Catherine (C) - The Moho - Catherine's Version

Have you ever bought a Moho?  

We haven't.

Buying a moho is like picking the right colour of beige paint for your living room. Important, but they all seem relatively the same until you decide what you really want and them "bam" the perfect motor home disappears.

Wish List

1. Less than 26 ft long

2. Walk around queen size bed

3. Separate shower (from the toilet area)

4. U shaped dinette

5. Class B+

6. Slide out that doesn't have to slide out to use it (in-case we are in a sketchy area)

7. 1/2 decent price - these things are not cheap

After looking at four quadrillion motor-homes, we knew we would need to compromise.  We settled on a 2014 Thor ACE 27.1  It has

1. King size bed (bonus)

2. Slide out the doesn't need to slide out to use (safety first)

3. Separate shower (so the toilet is not all wet)

4. L shape dinette (close to a U)

5. 28.8 ft long (ok, that was the big compromise)

6. 1/2 decent price

Now, we just have to go through the 1/2 day of learning, pay for the RV, install our dingle balls and we are ready to roll!

Narnia (N) - What's a MOHO?