Top 5 Gizmos that Rock the RV World


Water Hose Quick Connect

This little gadget makes hooking up a breeze. One end screws onto your water hose and the other end onto your RVs fresh water input. Simply push the two pieces together and it clicks in place for a drip free connection. To unhook you just pull the hose piece backwards off the RV piece. Water pressure may make it difficult to release the two halves, so when unhooking the water hose always undo the end that is connected to the water post first, that will release the pressure that binds the two pieces of the quick connect fitting. 

childproof latch.JPG






Child Safety Latch

Do you have a cabinet or door that flys open every time you go around a corner? A simple but effective solution is to install a safety latch to keep it closed. The latch shown here is installed on a fully loaded kitchen pantry which we couldn't keep closed until installing this inexpensive gizmo.


Foam Packing Sheets

These thin foam sheets come on a roll and are intended to keep things from breaking in a move. Place them between the dishes in your RV and you will not hear a peep out of that cupboard as you roll down the highway.

LE Portable Camping Lantern

We ordered this camping lantern hoping that it would be useful for our travels. We had no idea that we would use it DAILY. It can hang or magnetic mount in many different ways, so it is useful all around the RV. We use ours for poking around in storage bays, looking in the engine, reading a book or working on a craft. The best part is that it is fully rechargeable, just plug it into a USB outlet and it is good to go the next day. This light is so bright that we even take it caving with us and leave our headlamps behind.


Velcro Straps

These simple straps keep your hoses and cords under control. They can get wet and muddy but still hold everything together. If your utility bay looks like a mess of spaghetti, these velcro straps are the perfect solution.